Joanna and James’ Crow Hill Wedding

Joanna and James’ Crow Hill Wedding was a cracker. We always mention it when we blog, but we love weddings where everybody is together. Crow hill weddings are just like that, friends and family all in one place.

Other than a spider incident on the wedding dress, the morning was super chilled. Happy faces all round. As always, we like to let the day naturally unfold. We’d never get you to stand a certain way or in a certain place. Everything for us is keeping it natural, fun and relaxed. It’s your wedding day, you do what you want to do.

Once everybody was suited and booted, we headed to the Church for the ceremony. The light way amazing, when the sun shone through the windows we got little pockets lighting Joanna and James.

You can see below how much of a happy day it was, we had a fantastic time and got some brilliant shots. Have a look at our favorites below from this fantastic Crow Hill Wedding.

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